Fireplace Center


          Kohlhepp's Fireplace Center is an absolute destination for anyone interested in a new heat source. We carry state of the art designs with cutting edge technology. Our extensive showroom features an array of of beautiful displays. See, first hand, what your fireplace could look like arranged with a hearth, mantle, and stone veneer. Your stove or fireplace does a lot more than provide heat, it sets the tone for the entire room.  As you walk through our showroom it is easy to imagine your living space with an affordable, aesthetically pleasing, heat source that is sure to keep your family and guests cozy and warm all winter long.




Choose your Flame






Kohlhepp's Fireplace Center also carries a vast selection of accesories. Whether you need an ash-pan or extra flue pipe, we have it! We also stock creosote logs, wood racks, log sets, flue brushes, furnace fuses, and a whole lot more.

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